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RealtyMultilist was established in 2012 in Southeast Georgia to assist Broker /  Agencies in rural areas to be able to network their properties. Often in rural areas, there aren't local Boards. Conversely in medium size markets, smaller Broker / Agencies get lost, or don't have a lot of listings to compete or be in a position to network with 'the big boys'. 

We invite Broker / Agencies anywhere to contact us to learn of the benefits of being involved in a MultiList with other Agencies that know and understand what it takes to compete in an ever-increasing market!



Wayne County GA

  • Harris Real Estate
  • Harrison Real Estate & Insurance
  • Parker Insurance & Real Estate
  • Bill Garlen Real Estate
  • Carter Investment Group
  • Remax of Jesup
  • Christine's Real Estate
  • Wingate Realty